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Prof. Vinod Pillai


11 responses to “Contact Details

  1. Reshma

    I like this site .

  2. I like your blog sir, and can you help me in C language in graphics and others

  3. Chakri

    Good articles

  4. shraban kumar

    nice explanation sir,

  5. indu

    sir yesterday i saw video related to basic to class ,class to basic, class to class. i need a tat video again but it not found today pls put tat its really understandable .

  6. You have been really helpful sir ! i am sharing the links of your video’s in social networking sites and many of them also find it very useful 🙂

  7. vamsi

    Nice explanation sir,its helped me a lot in getting the knowledge on c++.Thank u …

  8. vinay

    it will be pleasure for us if u give some view in c programming.

  9. Neeraj

    sir i liked ur video… but could you please explain multiple and multi level inheritance in proper manner.. i m bit confused ..

  10. Manjunath G

    Excellent sir. I want to learn C programming with LINUX . can you help me sir please…

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