C++ : File I/O Part 1

1. Explain the use of File I/O.

2. Header file for the File I/O operation in C++ fstream.

3. Inbuilt class for File I/O operation in C++:

1. ofstream.

2. ifstream.

3. fstream.

4. Read and Write Integer and String value into the File.

5. Example showing the use of reading & writing data into the File.

Developed By: Prof. Vinod Pillai
C++ File I/O - Part 1.


using namespace std;

int main()

ofstream fout("one.txt");
int val1,rel1;
char val2[20],rel2[20];



cout<<"\n Integer value 1:"<<rel1;
cout<<"\n String value 2:"<<rel2;

return 0;


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  1. Thanks very nice blog!

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