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Get ready for Angry birds in Chrome.[No Extra Software Installation] only plugin

Bored by work/programming{import….} need some refreshment{System.exit(0)} but not having IPhone or an Android{throw new exception} based phone not a problem{catch(Exception e)} try to get your hands on the famousAngry Birds game. It is available for FREE as an extension in Chrome Store.

So you can download this extension and play it right in your Chrome Web Browser. Check it out and have fun.



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Google Maps got => 3D Effect

Explore maps in 3D with Google Maps 5.0 on Android-powered devices.

Major features:

  • 3 D View of Buildings.
  • Rotate the map with the two fingers.
  • Zooming is now much better.
  • Maps can viewed even offline as preloaded in the background
  • Google Maps Navigation (Beta) automatically reroutes you, even if you lose your connection after starting a route.

Check the video:

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Get ready for Mac OS X [Lion is comming..]

Apple may release Lion on Thursday, July 14 yet not declared. But most expected.

But according to Apple:

OS X Lion is our best OS yet.


250+ New Features.

Some of them are really too cool.

Check it out:


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Facebook reply to Google+ (Facebook + Skype)

Facebook New feature => Video Calling (Facebook + Skype). For that you have to enable it.

1. Login into our account.
3. Get Started. [Remember if your offline in chat (like me) then you have get online mode]

From here onwards you people can figure it out!

Hidden feature:

If your friend is not having Video Calling Setup …….. still you can leave Video as message to him.


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Get Ready for Windows 8 {Touch Experience}

Windows is planning to realeas its next OS {Windows 8} by 2o12/13. But people have already started taking about the Beta……..

And what windows going to provide now:

  • Touch Screen Experience
  • Internet Explorer 10 {too… in Touch Mode…..}
  • Insead of icons the {Tabs….}
  • Multiple task at a time….
  • Complex system for the layman heeeeeeee

Yes what I have seen it made me feel that it will not be that easy for {Non technical Person/Person planning to start using computer}

Great features intergrated and interface wise huge difference from the existing OS even from the Windows 7.


To able to run on any device…PC…Laptop…Touch screen{devices} any but {Sorry for Linux}.

Check the official video:


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Google 3 Major Changes!

Google is on fire. Three major changes in a week. Something big has been planned.

First it was Google+.

Then the new look of Google home page.

And  now a complete new look of Gmail.

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